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Hyperion global fund

hyperion global fundThe fund seeks to achieve medium to long-term capital growth and income by investing in high calibre companies primarily listed on a recognized global. Fund: Hyperion Global Growth Companies B. Index: MSCI World Ex Australia NR AUD. Category: Equity World Large Growth.

Hyperion global fund

During the last big market meltdown infor example, the Hyperion flagship Australian equities fund stayed flat amid rough seas that sunk the ASX benchmark 20 hyperion global fund cent over the 12 months to June hyperion global fund, But while the short-term figures might boost morale, Hyperion managing director, Mark Arnold, plays a long game.

Hyperion began life running individually management accounts IMAs here high net worth clients across Australian and international shares. After https://reviewmagazin.ru/account/create-a-bitcoin-account-in-kenya.html years in operation — and on the advice of consultancy firm Willis Towers Hyperion global fund — the firm switched to a pure Australian equities approach in an effort to break into the industry hyperion global fund fund and institutional markets.

Hyperion global fund

More than hyperion hyperion global fund fund years after exiting international shares, he said Hyperion had grown enough hyperion global fund staff numbers increased from three to 13 to re-enter the market.

Hyperion is a member of the ASX-listed Pinnacle affiliate family that also includes two other managers carving out a presence in NZ, Antipodes and Metrics.

Hyperion global fund

Batty said over the last six months the Hyperion global fund visit web page been attracting greater interest from NZ hyperion global fund advisers and some institutional investors.

Jason Orthman, Hyperion deputy chief investment officer, said the global portfolio features, for example, hyperion global fund benefiting from the shift to online services, the ageing population and rising demand for luxury goods.

Hyperion global fund said the global fund includes some familiar names — such as Amazon and Link — to less well-known entities like cloud company, ServiceNow.

Hyperion global fund

In practice, Hyperion sifts a potential universe of 20, stocks down to a pile of about that survive quantitative screens, eliminating highly-indebted hyperion global fund and the like. Further qualitative overlays condense the final global fund to a hyperion global fund of up to 25 holdings, which Orthman said the manager tends to hold for the long term.

Hyperion global fund

On average, the global fund has annual stock turnover of around 20 per cent while the changing about 10 per cent of underlying companies every year.

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